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Scope & Sequence

What is the Scope & Sequence generator

The Scope and Sequence Generator assists teachers in developing whole year plans that address the mandatory requirements of the NSW Board of Studies syllabuses.

Teachers are able to generate Scope and Sequence grids that clearly outline what is being taught ('learn about') and when. The grids identify the relevant outcomes ('learn to') addressed in each teaching program unit and give teachers and curriculum administrators a clear overview of the teaching and learning program for a particular year, and facilitate whole school collaborative curriculum planning.

About the Scope and Sequence list

When you click on the 'Scope and Sequences' tab you see a list of the Scope and Sequences you have created.

If you are a Coordinator you can also see and modify the Scope and Sequences of the Members you are Coordinator of.

Creating Scope and Sequences

How to create a Scope and Sequence

Click on the Create a Scope & Sequence link in the Scope and Sequences tab.

Create a Scope and Sequence

You firstly need to fill in some details to set up the Scope and Sequence. The weeks in the terms get defaulted based on the School Year input. You can change these values. Once you click on the Continue button you cannot change these header details. If you've made a mistake you'll have to create another Scope and Sequence. Then delete the one you made the mistake in. The 'ID' value is generated when you click the the Continue button and the header details are saved.

Create a Scope and Sequence Header

How to create a Scope and Sequence for another Member

Contact Edekipt Support using the Support tab and ask for an Scope and Sequence to be copied to another Mmeber that you are Coordinator of. You need to give details of your member ID, the other Member ID being copied to, the teaching year being copied to, and the Scope and Sequence ID.

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