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Say YES to more effective teaching
  • Are you a time poor teacher struggling with your work load?
  • Are you new to teaching and looking for ready-to-use teaching resources?
  • Are you looking for a way to efficiently share teaching resources across your KLA, school or across the state?
  • Do you teach disadvantaged students - remote and additional needs?
  • Are you a school loooking for a better way to manage teaching and learning programs?
  • Are audits a source of panic at your school? Are you worried about the Australian Curriculum?
What is Edekit?
  • An innovative,easy-to-use approach to Teaching and Learning Program development, implementation and delivery.
  • A toolbox for teachers enabling them to better create, edit, share and manage Programs; generate scope and sequences based on Programs; and add resources and assessment tasks to individual programs.
  • An effective Program management system for KLA and school co-ordinators to ensure consistency of subject delivery and curriculum compliance

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Exciting News ...

Edekit is currently redesigning its website. It is a comprehensive overhaul of the site and, in addition to the current product offerings, will include:

  • A modern professional style.
  • A shopfront allowing for the purchase of items including individual program units, resources and scope and sequences.
  • Updated program units reflecting current and proposed curriculum changes for all KLAs.
  • Access to Edekit's newly developed professional development library.

The new site will be online in a few weeks. In the meantime the current functionality and login process remains unchanged.

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Cut Workloads

Edekit program database provides teachers with a development foundation that significantly reduces the time required to construct new programs and accompanying scope and sequences. The ability to copy programs across years enables teachers to build their own body of documents for use in the classroom.

The resource database significantly reduces the time required by teachers in sourcing relevant subject specific information. Time is also reduced when that same resource is required again as the resource forms an attachment to the particular program

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