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What Is Edekit?

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What is Edekit?

Edekit is an online tool for Australian High School Teachers that provides an easy to use approach to secondary curriculum programming and management. Edekit provides all programming and scope and sequence requirements for secondary teachers (student or practicing) in one location and in a simple easy to use format, by Key Learning Areas (KLAs) or by whole institution.

Edekit comprises the following main components:


This area is where you can find and create teaching and learning program Units ('a Unit'). One of the key elements of Edekit is its flexible approach to developing units. When you click on a Unit to Modify it you may Copy the unit, Modify the unit content, add Resources and Assessments to the unit, Share it with other Teachers, and fill in an Evaluation form.

Scope and Sequence Generator

Generate and manage your Scope & Sequences to develop whole year plans that address the mandatory requirements of the NSW Board of Studies syllabuses.

Teachers are able to generate Scope and Sequence grids that clearly outline what is being taught and when. The grids identify the relevant outcomes ('learn to') addressed in each teaching program unit and give teachers and curriculum administrators a clear overview of the teaching and learning program for a particular year, and facilitate whole school collaborative curriculum planning.

You can use your own Units, use Units already existing in the system, Create new Units, or use blank Units.


Manage your Personal Details, change your Password, and you can view details of the subscription you are in including the teachers and coordinators.

Member Admin

Only School Coordinators can access this tab. They can Create new members of Edekit, and change the Roles of existing members.

How does Edekit work?

Edekit has developed teaching and learning Program Units covering all key learning areas of the NSW High School Syllabi from Year 7 to Year 12. These pre-filled Edekit Units already have resources, assessments, and web links attached.  

Once subscribed, teachers can:

  • add Edekit Units to their own profile, which they then can modify as they wish
  • create their own Programs from scratch, or using Edekit templates
  • share Programs with other Members of Edekit
  • easily generate a Scope and Sequence
  • copy Programs across school years
  • add/edit/delete resources and assessments

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