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About Edekit

Edekit is an exciting, innovative and easy-to-use approach to teaching and learning program development, implementation, and delivery. It is the system for satisfying curriculum requirements without increasing teacher workloads.  It provides the resources fundamental to an effective, inspiring and collaborative classroom learning environment. In other words Edekit lets teachers teach.

Edekit has been designed to:

  • Free teachers from the heavy time demands of planning and recording teaching and learning activities
  • Improve the educational outcomes of students
  • Provide the curriculum management framework for school administrators and KLA coordinators
  • Easily fulfill compliance and accountability requirements for all subjects

Edekit is built on the following functional areas:

  1. Teaching and learning Program management
  2. Scope and Sequence generation
  3. Subject based Resources bank
  4. Subject based Assessment Task bank
  5. Member Administration

Edekit provides:

  • A library of NSW Board of Studies compliant teaching and learning programs
  • A scope and squence generator
  • Programming and scope and sequence requirements for teachers in one secure and reliable format.
  • The flexibility to include teachers' own programs, personalise and adapt all provided documents and create new documents
  • A resource and assessment repository linked to subject units for ease of retrieval and secure storage
  • Electronic management of programs to facilitate the use of ICT
  • The link between NSW Board of Studies curriculum policy requirements and actual practice in the school and classroom
  • Management of curriculum compliance and teaching processes by school administrators and KLA coordinators
  • Online registration and verification

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