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How Edekit works

Edekit for Teachers

Edekit has developed teaching and learning Units covering all key learning areas of the NSW High School Syllabi from Year 7 to Year 12. What this means in practice is that everything in Edekit is based on subject units.

Once subscribed (either individually or through a KLA or School), teachers are allocated their own profile - My Units - for management of their subject units. Units are accessed by searching Edekit for either Edekit developed units as well as units that other teachers have agreed to share and approved by Edekit for inclusion. Selected units are added to the teacher's profile and can be modified to suit individual teaching styles.

Many units already have resources in various forms attached as well as relevant tasks and assessments.

Teachers can also

  • add/delete additional resource/assessment items at any time
  • upload new content into one of their units
  • create their own subject units using Edekit templates
  • copy units across school years
  • save URL or documents links with a unit
  • agree to share with teachers across KLA's, their school and other schools and in fact across the entire State education system
  • create a subject scope and sequence directly from the subject unit using Edekit's scope and sequence generator

Scope and Sequence Grids are easily created. The grids give a concise overview of units to be taught in a given teaching year. The teacher has the flexibility to manage the units in each grid, the number of weeks each unit is being taught, and the term in which it is taught.

Edekit is portable with only internet access required. Edekit grows organically as teachers, create, modify, attach and share any number and any type of teaching tools.

Edekit as a Management System

Schools manage what is being taught through Edekit's subscription hierarchy with specific school subscriptions managed by the school itself.  The different subscriptions levels provide access to all individual teacher subscriptions appropriate to that level.  For example, subscriber access at the KLA coordinator level grants access to all teacher profiles within that KLA. Similarly, the school curriculum coordinator, has access to all profiles in the school. Using this approach:

  • Edekit supports a structured approach to mentoring, reviewing, verifying and approving teaching methodology within either individual KLA's or the school
  • Edekit ensures consistency in curriculum delivery across all subjects irrespective of school type, location or resources
  • Edekit provides 24/7 compliance with NSW Board of Studies and NSW Department of Eucation and Training curriculum development and delivery requirements
  • Edekit advocates teacher resource sharing and collegiality across the State education system
  • Edekit provides a reliable and secure data repository for all teaching and learning program units

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