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Key Benefits

Reduced workloads

The pre-filled Edekit Programs significantly reduce the time required in creating new programs and scope and sequences. The ability to copy programs across years enables teachers to build their own body of documents for use in theclassroom.

The Resource Bank significantly reduces the time required by teachers in sourcing relevant subject specific information. Time is also reduced when that same resource is required again, as that resource forms an attachment to theparticular Program.

Sharing Resources

The ability to share Programs and associated resources promotes collegiality and reduces the barriers across sectors, across schools and within KLA faculties.  A network of shared teaching resources supports a state-wide non-school specific educational framework.

Management System

Edekit promotes a "Whole of School" approach and more specifically:

  • it provides simple, effective programming support
  • helps manage the induction and ongoing support of new scheme teachers
  • assists in the decision making process for the school wide organisation of teaching and learning programs
  • allows schools to adapt curriculum for local contexts
  • is an easily accessible, secure, internet based framework
  • provides a structured approach for review, verification and registration of teaching methodology

Disadvantaged Groups

Remote school locations

Remote schools suffer from impaired teaching resource availability, particularly when teachers are compelled to teach out of faculty. Shared internet teaching resources gives all teachers access to effective teaching tools provided by Edekit.

Indigenous school locations

Similar to remote locations, Edekit effectively delivers teaching resources specifically tailored to meet the special needs of indigenous student locations.

Additional Needs Students

Programs can be tailored to meet the teaching requirements of those students with additional needs (ESL etc).

New Scheme Teachers

A common cry of New Scheme Teachers is “where do I start?”. Edekit Programs provide an effective reliable starting point which can be modified and expanded on as teaching experience increases.

Knowledge Transfer

It is no secret that the teacher population is ageing. There is significant risk that an enormous body of experience will be lost as teachers retire over the next few years. Edekit provides a mechanism whereby this important resource is saved and passed on to those teachers still moving through their careers.

Savings in Cost

Costs (time and money) associated with accountability and compliance matters are significantly reduced primarily through lower time requirements. Teachers are able to spend more time in either lesson preparation or actually in the classroom.

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