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Full list of Program Units available in Edekit

Available Edekit developed subject units are listed in the appropriate Key Learning Areas below.  Edekit is continually developing new teaching and learning program units and updating current units to ensure that unit content is always up-to-date

Edekit has developed over 1,000 subject units covering the most studied subjects. We are continuing to develop units to ensure that a unit for every subject in all syllabi will become available during 2011.

All Edekit units are continually updated, or new ones created, in response to curriculum and syllabus changes. As new subjects are introduced, Edekit guarantees development of an associated subject unit within 5 working days of the publication of the subject syllabus by BOS.

Edekit can develop specific subject units and encourages Schools, KLA's and individual teachers to make the request by emailing us at support@edekit.com.au  Turn around time is 5 working days.

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