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What is an Edekit Member?

A Member is someone who has been set up to use Edekit. Their Membership ID is unique, and the member can be in multiple subscriptions. Their membership contains personal information about them such a name and email address. If someone moves between subscriptions, their membership ID remains the same.

How do I find out who my Coordinator is?

Go to the Profile tab. Click on your subscription and you will see a list of all the Members in your subscription and their Roles.

My Subscriptions

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe, send an email to Edekit for further details.

Can I join more than one subscription?

Yes, you can be part of any number of subscriptions. Your Member ID remains the same for all subscriptions.

Can I share my membership with another teacher?

No, each person using Edekit is given a unique membership ID. This is for that person only, and for security reasons it cannot be used by anyone else.

Can I share my units with another teacher?

Yes, if a member marks one of their units as 'shared' it can be accessed by other teachers. (See Edekit Help | Units | Editing a Unit.)

Using Edekit

Where are my profile details stored?

Your profile details are stored on the Edekit server. This is a secure server and your details can only be accessed by you and the Edekit Administrators. Your details are not provided to any other party.

I have imported a document into the Editor and want to remove all formatting?

To do this, select the copied text and click the Clear Formatting button. (See Edekit Help | General | Using the Editor.)

What is the best way to move all my units to the next School Year?

To do this, click on each unit in the My Unit list, and select 'Copy' on the Modify a Unit screen. Select the year you want to Copy the Unit to, then Save the newly copied unit

I want to attach a picture for use with a unit - how do I do this?

In the Modify a Unit page, select Resources and add your picture here.


I have accidentally deleted a unit - how do I recover it?

Send a message to Edekit via 'Contact Us' with the details and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Why isn't my unit printing out properly?

Change your printer settings when printing out units. All units except Maths should be printed in Landscape. Maths units are best printed in Portrait.

Why isn't the Maths Formula Editor working?

The Maths Formula Editor is a Java Applet, and needs Java to run. To check if you have Java installed on your computer, goto the Java site http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp and click on the ‘verify java version’ button. Install the Java Runtime (JRE) if it is not already installed. Then check if the maths editor now works. Rebooting your PC after installing Java is a good idea.

Why can't I see my KLA in the dropdown list?

If there are no KLAs showing in any of the KLA dropdown lists, then log out and log back in.

If the incorrect KLA(s) are showing in the KLA dropdown lists, then ask your Edekit School Coordinator to check your Permissions in Member Admin in case they have been set up incorrectly.

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