The Edekit Story so far...

It is a truism that the more things change the more things stay the same. This is no different for the teaching profession. Teaching has always been about encouraging in children a life long love for learning and providing them with the skills to achieve all that they want to in life.

However what has changed is that technology is now available that makes it easier for teachers to spend more time in the classroom actually teaching.

Edekit evolved from discussions between a few experienced teachers in early 2008. The discussions focused on, in using technology,what could be done, what tools could be developed and what processes implemented to:

  1. Eliminate the need to do those tasks required each year from scratch - to stop reinventing the wheel.
  2. Find a better way to locate, collate and access subject resources.
  3. Allow easy and effective sharing of teaching programs and resources between colleagues wherever they may be teaching.

Patrick Carr was lucky enough to be present at the discussions as his wife and sister were two of the teachers taking part. He sensed a great idea and started on the journey to turn that idea into reality (and the journey is continuing ... ).

He canvassed ideas from teachers, enquired of all types of schools and interviewed the various government and non-government education authorities . He developed numerous website and database prototypes and constantly refined (and is still refining ) the Edekit product. He sourced and engaged experienced teachers across most Key Learning Areas to develop the subject programs while he has retained responsibility for all website development as well as attending to the business side of Edekit ... one busy boy.

The ultimte goal is for Edekit to have program units developed including resources and assessments for all subjects across the Australian education system. A mammoth task but slowly getting there ...

Thanks everyone for their support.

Patrick Carr

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