Edekit is currently reviewing it's suite of programs across all KLAs. Detailed lists of all programs will be available shortly.

English - COMING

Mathematics - COMING

Science - COMING




Creative Arts - COMING

Religion - COMING


Programming Approach

Our approach to programming is to provide a teaching resource that allows teachers to get back into the classroom and do what is the most important thing after all ... teach.

Edekit programs are based on the actual teaching unit with all associated resources, assessments, evaluations attached to the unit. This significantly reduces the time spent in developing teaching and learning programs and eliminates "reinventing the wheel."

The approach for KLAs and schools is centred around consistency of curriculum delivery and resource sharing.

Edekit's in-built functionality provides the framework for a complete and effective program management system for the whole school and promotes collegiality across the state education system.


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