Primary Schools

Edekit is currently developing program units for the NSW and Australian primary schools curriculum.

The framework of a primary school program unit is essentially different from that required for a secondary school subject unit . Consequently, specific proprietary primary subject templates have been already been developed. These are now being populated with content.

Completion of the Primary School program unit database is expected to occur in term 1 2014.

Resources Database

Teachers spend a significant amount of time sourcing, collating and attaching appropriate subject resources. Using Edekit as a program management tool, reduces the time required to complete these tasks by attaching appropriate resources to each subject unit as well as providing a resource uploading tool for teacher sourced material.

Edekit is extending this functionality by developing a resources database.

The unique feature of this database is the ability to search for resources by subject unit.

Expected completion of the database is term 1 2014

Report Writer

A natural extension of the Edekit program management system is the reporting on the students undertaking the subject unit.

Edekit is currently developing a report writer that attaches student reports to the actual subject taught as well as linking to other student related databases within the school (eg attendance records etc.)

This is is a significant programming undertaking and as such completion is not ecpected until the end of 2014.

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