Pricing for Edekit

You can subscribe to edekit as a School, KLA department or as an individual.
The benefits attached to each subscription level is as follows:


An investment in an individual annual subscription is $195.00 (excluding GST ). Subscriptions are renewed annually are fully tax deductible in most cases.

An investment in an individual KLA subscription is $195.00 per FTE* (excluding GST ) There would be an entitlement to an input tax credit for any GST payable. Please note that if you have a large KLA, subscribing at the school level is more cost effective.

An investment in a school level subscription depends on the size of the school with respect to the level of FTE's*.

Introductory year* (all schools > 15) $2,000 pa (plus GST)
15 - 25* $2,500 pa (plus GST)
26 - 50* $4,000 pa (plus GST)
51 plus* $5,500 pa (plus GST)
* FTE = Full time equivalent teacher

For schools with less than 15 FTE's we will negotiate a price to suit.

Edekit works best at the school level in that it:

  1. supports a structured approach to mentoring, verifying and approving teaching methodology within either individual KLAs or the school;
  2. ensures consistency in curriculum delivery across all subjects irrespective of school type, location or resources;
  3. provides 24/7 compliance with NSW Board of Studies and NSW department of education and Training curriculum development and delivery requirements;
  4. advocates teacher resource sharing and collegilaity across the State Education System;
  5. provides a reliable and secure data repository for all teaching and learning programs
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