Control process

Edekit Units are developed and written by experienced high school teachers. To ensure NESA compliance, Edekit assesses completed Units against the following criteria:

  • NESA curriculum
  • Individual subject syllabus requirements
  • Alignment with the Edekit program standards framework
  • 3rd party user perspective
  • Readability
  • Classroom functionality
  • Units in all subjects are continually reviewed in response to curriculum and syllabus changes.
Shared Units

Edekit advocates resource sharing and collegiality and is the platform that eliminates the barriers across education sectors, across schools and across Key Learning Areas.

Edekit encourages teachers to share their Units, including Resources and Assessment Tasks, and provides an easy mechanism for this to happen – just tick the box. However, not all Units offered for sharing will meet the Edekit standard for format and content.

As part of Edekit's rigorous quality control process, all Units offered for sharing are examined and assessed for alignment with Edekit's unit standards framework.

Edekit’s quality control process results in a library of teaching resources representing

Professional Best Practice

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