KLA and School co-ordinators manage what is being taught through Edekit's subscription hierarchy with specific school subscriptions managed by the school itself.  The different subscriptions levels provide access to all individual teacher subscriptions appropriate to that level.  For example, subscriber access at the KLA coordinator level grants access to all teacher profiles within that KLA. Similarly, the school curriculum coordinator has access to all profiles in the school.

Using this approach:

  • Edekit supports a structured approach to monitoring, reviewing, verifying and approving teaching methodology within either individual KLA's or the school.
  • Edekit ensures consistency in curriculum delivery across all subjects irrespective of school type, location or resources.
  • Edekit provides 24/7 compliance with NSW Board of Studies and NSW Department of Education and Training curriculum development and delivery requirements.
  • Edekit advocates teacher resource sharing and collegiality across the State education system.
  • Edekit provides a reliable and secure data repository for all teaching and learning program units

KLA and School co-ordinators have access to all teacher 'My Units' profiles either within their KLA or whole school depending on their role. This access provides a mechanism for co-ordinators to review programs, provide feedback to teachers, ensure registration compliance and promote consistency in curriculum delivery. Co-ordinators also have administrator access to manage their subscription - add or delete teachers, modify KLA access etc.

Edekit provides an effective program management system for KLA and School Co-ordinators.

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