The Australian Curriculum

How do we effectively deliver the Australian Curriculum
into classrooms across the country?

We'd like to introduce Edekit as the platform to do just that.

ACARA has voiced the agreed position of all Australian Governments by stating that a "quality education for all young Australians is critical to maintaining Australia's productivity and quality of life". In support, the Federal Government has made a major commitment to significantly enhance the educational outcomes of schools across Australia by initiating the development and implementation of a world-class national curriculum. This strategy, while accepted in principle, nevertheless presents enormous challenges for all teachers in adapting to the new requirements within the proposed timeframe particularly at the school and classroom level.

Under the proposed curriculum, teachers will be required to make decisions about how best to organise learning, the contexts for learning and the depth of learning that will be pursued for each child in their class. The educational risk of this approach is that any resultant increase in teaching workload will, unfortunately, compromise teaching efficacy.

Edekit is the solution that supports the Government's education commitment by providing teachers with the system to meet the new curriculum requirements without increasing workloads while providing the resources fundamental to an effective, inspiring and collaborative classroom learning environment.

Edekit has taken a strategic position with respect to the Australian Curriculum.
The two key components of the strategy are:

1. Australian Curriculum compliant programs.

Edekit is currently developing compliant program units for all 7 - 10 subjects. Completion of the work is expected by the end of Term 4 2013 ...well in time for commencement of the Australian Curriculum in 2014.

Edekit's current suite of Year 11 and 12 programs are also being prepared in alignment with the expected Australian Curriculum content for those years.

In the future developments section of the site, details can be found relating to the development of primary school program units. These programs will also satisfy Australian Curriculum requirements and will be ready to use in 2014.

A number of Australian Curriculum programs are already available ...vist the individual KLA section of the site for details.

2. Unique program sharing functionality.

From conception, Edekit has been focused on providing and efficient and effective process for teachers to share their programs and resources with anyone they wish.

Once a teacher has subscribed (individually or through a KLA/School) this option becomes immediately available for teachers, at their discretion,to share with other Edekit members - in their own KLA, School, State (and soon ...across the country).

For the Australian Curriculum to be a success, it needs to be delivered by teachers in the classroom across Australia. Edekit is the delivery platform that provides a consistent and high quality educational framework.

ACARA has developed the Australian Curriculum in consultation with states and territories. Education Authorities in each state and territory have responsibility for implementation of the Australian Curriculum and for supporting schools and teachers.

New NSW syllabuses, incorporating Australian curriculum content, for K–10 English, Mathematics, Science (including K–6 Science and Technology) and History have been finalised and schools should be using 2013 to become familiar with these syllabuses, before staged implementation in classrooms commences from 2014.

In the remaining K–10 learning areas, schools are required to continue to use existing NSW syllabuses. Any decisions about adopting the Australian curriculum, developing syllabuses, and planning subsequent implementation will be made only after thorough consultation with NSW stakeholders.

In relation to senior secondary syllabuses for English, Mathematics, Science and History, the Board is examining how Australian curriculum content can be effectively adapted and incorporated into the NSW senior secondary curriculum structure. New syllabuses will be subject to the same processes of consultation, development, and implementation by the Board. It is important to note that HSC assessment and certification procedures will remain unchanged.

In the interim the Board's existing Stage 6 syllabuses will continue to be the curriculum for the Higher School Certificate.

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