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Edekit is currently developing years 7 and 9 History units that support the commencement of the Australian Curriculum in 2014. Units are being continually developed and will become progessively available during the second half of 2013.

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Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies is designed to foster intellectual, social and moral development by enabling students to think critically about the historical and contemporary experiences of Aboriginal peoples.

Ancient History

The study of ancient history gives students an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of comparing past to present and present to past by exposing them to a variety of perspectives on key events and issues. It also gives them opportunities to develop their own perspectives on the origins and influence of ideas, values and behaviours that are still relevant in the modern world.

Business Studies

Business Studies fosters intellectual, social and moral development by assisting students to think critically about the role of business and its ethical responsibilities to society.


Economic decisions have a crucial influence on the quality of life experienced by people throughout the world. The study of economics can help individuals, groups and societies make choices that assist them to improve their quality of life.

As a subject, Economics is distinctive because of the range of problems and issues that it investigates and the skills that it develops.


Geography is an investigation of the world which provides an accurate description and interpretation of the varied character of the earth and its people. It is a key discipline through which students develop the ability to recognise and understand environmental change and the interactions which take place in our world.

Legal Studies

The syllabus focuses on the way in which law is generated, how it is structured and how it operates in Australian and international contexts. Learning about our legal system will allow students to investigate the way our society operates and the influences that shape it.

Modern History

The study of history is an inquiry into past human experience that helps make the present more intelligible. History has been described as a contested dialogue between past and present, where the concerns of the present illuminate a consideration of the past, while the experiences of the past contribute to an understanding of the present. The study of history allows students to perceive the world in a variety of ways as they develop powers of deduction and reasoning and learn to make sense of an increasingly complex global society.

Society and Culture

The central goal of Society and Culture is the development of social and cultural literacy and a clear understanding of the interaction of persons, societies, cultures, environments and time. The influence of other aspects of societies and cultures – including power, authority, identity, gender, technology and globalisation – is also central to the course.

Studies of Religion

The Studies of Religion syllabus acknowledges religion as a distinctive answer to the human need for meaning in life. An understanding of religion provides a perspective for the human view of reality and deals with daily living as well as with the ultimate source, meaning and goal of life

* Board of Studies NSW Syllabus Document


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