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Edekit is currently developing years 7 and 9 Science units that support the commencement of the Australian Curriculum in 2014. Units are being continually developed and will become progessively available during the second half of 2013.

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Science provides a distinctive view and way of thinking about the world.

The study of science has led to an evolving body of knowledge organised as an interrelated set of models, theories, laws, systems, structures and interactions. It is through this body of knowledge that science provides explanations for a variety of phenomena and enables sense to be made of the biological, physical and technological world.

An understanding of science and its social and cultural contexts provides a basis for future choices and ethical decisions about local and global applications and implications of science.

The study of science provides opportunities for students to develop the skills of working scientifically by engaging them in thinking critically and creatively in problem-solving processes.

By engaging students in a range of learning experiences that build on prior learning and are set in meaningful and relevant contexts, they are led to a more scientific understanding of their world and the way that scientists work.

It is through this inquiry and investigation that students develop a deeper appreciation of scientific endeavour, of science as an evolving body of knowledge, of the provisional nature of scientific explanations and of the complex relationship between evidence and idea.

* Board of Studies NSW Syllabus Document


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